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To produce over 1,000 items in our catalog, ICI employs over 900 offenders across 19 facilities . Most of them remain successful tax-paying citizens upon release.
ICI Customers:
As the Department of Corrections continues to evaluate its program offerings, ICI’s business model will be changing. This new model, which aligns programmatic efforts with a long-term vision focused on improving outcomes and increasing vocational and educational opportunities, means that ICI will no longer be selling its products and services to other agencies or organizations beyond June 30, 2021. This applies to all ICI products and services.

We ask that you please begin your search for new vendors in advance of this date. However, if you have any pending orders please submit them as quickly as possible. ICI will continue to process and fill orders; however, as this phase-down continues certain products may no longer be available. Please contact ICI if you have questions or need to check on availability.

PLEASE NOTE: ICI will work with you as much as we can but please submit all orders by June 1, 2021 so that ICI may process and deliver your items.

Notice of Interstate Commerce Prohibition
Pursuant to Federal Law (Ashurst-Sumners Act, Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1761) it is unlawful for goods, wares, or merchandise manufactured or produced, wholly or in part, by incarcerated offenders to be transported in interstate commerce; unless the purchaser is a governmental entity or a not-for profit corporation/organization. Otherwise, all ICI sales are made with the purchaser’s acknowledgement of this interstate commerce prohibition.